Jobs in Kuwait have not been as badly affected by the global financial crisis as other countries, so employment opportunities are still on hand. Work opportunities in Kuwait still center on the oil and gas industries, but there are job vacancies in other fields too.

Construction and Civil Engineering

Among the jobs needed in these industries are quality control supervisors, mechanical engineers, and project engineers. These jobs usually require the applicant to have some years of experience in the field.

Also needed are project coordinators, senior estimation engineers, proposal coordinators and procurement engineers. Other job openings in Kuwait in these industries include financial analysts, material control engineers and heavy machine operators.

Petrol and Gas

Job vacancies in these fields include senior safety engineers, quality control inspectors, supply contract supervisors and technicians. Those who specialize in pipeline related work, interplant piping and petrochemical refineries can also find work in Kuwait.

Other needed jobs are cathode protection supervisors, instrument technicians, condition monitoring technicians and electricians. Rotating equipment mechanics, vibration technicians, project supervisors, commissioning engineers and site engineers are also in demand.

Other Available Jobs

Other job openings in the country are in the fields of retailing, IT, software services, textiles, food and beverages. In the IT industry, in demand now are software developers, programmers, technical analysts and IT security specialists.

Other companies need category managers, business intelligence officers, product development managers and bilingual secretaries. There are also jobs in Kuwait for sales managers, teachers, food managers, financial experts, marketing coordinators and visual merchandisers.

There are also financial companies that need internal auditors, service representatives and executives. Other available jobs are for senior tax officers, training coordinators, drivers, site general manager, chefs, shift supervisors and management consultants.

How to Find Work and Apply to a Company

There are three ways to find work. You can go to recruitment firms, apply directly at the company or look for jobs online. To get the job, you must meet the job qualifications and submit your resume.

The job requirements will vary. In the case of engineers and construction workers, work experience is often needed. Some jobs in Kuwait will require proficiency in English or a degree in certain courses. This will all be indicated in the job postings, so read it first.

Working Conditions in Kuwait

On the average, the work week is 40 to 48 hours. Work usually starts at 8:30 am or 9:00 am up to 6:00 pm. Working time is the same all year long. The working day is limited to six hours during the month of Ramadan. However, most companies apply this rule only for Muslims.

The rest day is Friday. For companies with a five day working week, the other day-off is Thursday or Saturday. Perks and bonuses will depend on the company, but they may include car allowance, medical coverage, plane tickets for visits back home and housing allowance.

Getting jobs in Kuwait can be an attractive option for workers in the fields mentioned above. With its solid economy, finding employment can be less challenging compared with other countries.

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